Friday, November 7, 2008

Little Love Letters

Dear Caleb,
I love you, my sweet. Thanks for rubbing my achy pregnant feet every night. Thanks for picking up so much slack on the home front. Thanks for cracking me up with your random voice mails to obscure people from the _______ Universe.

Dear Avery,
You my dear, are a wonderful big sister. Thank you for setting such a good example for McClaine and Audrey, and helping me to be a better mommy. You still crack me up with the little funny things you say. When we were driving on an overpass, you said, "mom, we are so high up, like college." Now that's good.

Dear McClaine,
I was convinced you were a ninja. Now I think you might be a pirate with your ability to make a sword out of any inanimate object, even yarn. I love when you run around like a maniac saying, "catch you!" You are also precious with your little sister. Is there such a thing as a gentle pirate?

Dear Audrey,
You sure a growing up fast. I love when you say "mama." Melts my heart. You are so brave, taking a step here and there. Please know that the singular, hour long nap is really messing with my housework, nap time and blogging. Can we get back on schedule? It has almost been a week since we messed with the clocks.

Dear Quatro,
Or should I say, "quatra"... I think that is just bad Spanglish. I am sorry that your diet consists of leftovers from your brother and sisters' lunches. Peanut butter sandwich crusts, half gnawed bananas and corn dogs. I will do my best to get you some good greens this weekend, and maybe some salmon.

Dear Latte,
I know you are supposed to be man's best friend and all, but really you are not acting like it. Just so you know, I have very important house guests coming in tonight, so if you could refrain from digging up the potted plants in the courtyard and stomping through the soil and then jumping on my freshly cleaned glass doors, that would be so friendly of you.



The Mom said...

Cute letters, i need my greens, baby or not! ;)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Bad Latte ;)

Don 't beat yourself up on your diet--with my second I was so sick I lived off combos and flat soda for 4 months. And I am one of those nazi healthy eaters. My second turned out fine ;)

Following Him said...

I love these letters. Glad the kiddos are keeping you on your toes!!!

Krystyn said...

Sounds like Latte is a bit of trouble.

I only wanted junk food, and I sit here looking at a perfect little girl. So, I say go for it!!!

And, I hope Audrey gets back on schedule! ASAP!

Audrey and Company said...

Quatra...does that mean you are having a girl?

amanda said...

love. love. love these friend :)

so sweet!

Mark said...

Very nice :) Have a fantastic weekend!

Wendi said...

So sweet!
Love your lovely love letters!

The Rowland Crew said...

I assume quatra means it is a girl. Congratulations! Thanks for letting those of us who live too far away to look in the jar in on the secret! :)

anti-supermom said...

I say eat what the baby wants. I had gestational diabetes, so big bummer for me, your pregnant take advantage of this time.

Yes, greens are good too :) but so is chocolate.

Cute letter~

Mona said...

I would probably look in that jar if I was passing through your kitchen!

Chelle said...

I love your letters :) The last one made me laugh :)

PS--I left ya something on my blog...

Angela said...

This is so cute! Now I want to do a mini-letters post...but I don't have kids. We'll see...