Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little "Nuggets" of Joy on His Birthday

Caleb turned the big 3-0 on Wednesday, and I am not gonna lie- I am a cradle robber. He is two years my junior, younger than my baby brother, but oh so mature. He has to be, because he has two mortgages and four kids and a wife that adores him.

In fact, I adore him so much that I will go to all lengths to give him his birthday wish. The wish that comes once a year. That dreaded wish that takes hours to produce. The wish that I inherited when I said "I do." Now, I love Caleb's mom, she could very well be one of my favorite people in the ENTIRE world. But I am not so keen on the fact that she spoiled my husband with this treat every year for his birthday.

It is no easy feat producing this blessed cake with four children, here's the story this year:

I woke up super early to shower, dress, make breakfast for the children, nurse the baby, get Avery ready for school, pack the diaper bag and leave the house by 8:30 for Bible Study. I only half-way nursed Reece because I had to get Audrey out of her highchair and when I put Reece down, she fell asleep. So naturally, by the time I got to Bible Study, she was hungry again. Good thing I had a free hand when nursing her in the car in the parking lot, to apply my make-up by the compact mirror in the mommy-van.

I made it to the last Bible Study for the spring, in time. I had 3/4 of my kids, but no Bible, and no study- oops. It was a great study, and I am learning so much about God's sovereignty and the way that He orchestrates every detail of our lives. Afterward we had a lovely time of fellowship, which made Bible study go a little long, so Reece was hungry again. I nursed her, half-way again, as I had to rush to get Audrey and McClaine from childcare because they wanted the kids picked up by noon.

Then we went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the German chocolate cake and the dinner and decorations for our little surprise party. I had to sing really loud to keep Audrey awake on the way to the store. When I got to the store, we sat in the parking lot for a few more minutes so I could finish nursing Reece. I strategically parked far away from other cars, but right next to an abandoned cart in the lot, so I could NIP (nurse in public), but still be private, and have easy access transportation for my little babes.

After I nursed, I put Reecey in the sling, Audrey buckled in the cart and McClaine in the big basket of the cart, and headed across the abyss of cars in the parking lot, longing for the cool blow of the a/c.

Trouble. Big Trouble. Reece is not properly in the sling, and I can't just take her out, lay her in the cold metal cart with McClaine and adjust the sling, so I need to use my left hand to hold her secure. Which seemed to be an issue since the front wheels of the cart DID NOT TURN. Could I switch carts? Nope. Because I had to secure Reece with my left and couldn't dare lift Audrey and McClaine and put them in a different cart. So I compromised. I used my right hand to lift the cart every single time I needed to turn, every aisle, every single time.

I made it through the store, GCC ingredients- check; wine-check; steaks- check; salad makings and red potatoes- check; decorations- check; aching arm- double check. And when they asked me if I would like help out? CHECK!

Load the kids, load the groceries and it is 1:15. Hmm... I bet my kids would love to have some lunch! So I drive thru Chick-Fil-A and curse the cars in front of me that don't have kids and car seats or a handicap tag. All three kids are screaming by this point, Reece is hungry and the other two are hungry and super cranky. Good thing I have a half-hour drive home. At least it gives me time to feed the kids while we drive. So I give McClaine his lunch in the far back and pass Audrey little nuggets of joy as we drive home. 2 blocks down the road, I slow down at a light and McClaine drops his lunch, so I pull over and retrieve his little nuggets of joy.

Now I am three blocks into my half-hour home, and I smell it. Someone has a dirty diaper. Audrey. She can wait until we get home. So I continue to pass her little nuggets of joy while keeping my eyes on the road. I take a final glance back at the last light before the expressway, and I saw it. Seeping from her diaper. No she wasn't! Dipping her little nuggets of joy in her POOP!

I pull over again and give my sweet daughter a bath and tooth brushing with 15 wipes. It is now almost 2 and I have made it a mile into my 30 mile drive home. Naturally, Reece is screaming. Do I do a half-nurse? Nah. Get me home!

When I get home I put Audrey and McClaine down for a nap to the sweet lullaby of Reece's screaming. Then I nursed Reece and got started on my sweet husband's three hour birthday wish.

Reece continued to scream the first 30 minutes into the recipe, so I properly put her in the sling and allowed the whir of the mixer lull her to sleep.

I must say, that birthday wish is sooooo delicious. I have eaten nearly half of it. I think I deserve it!


Krystyn said...

I would have eaten the whole thing after all of that.

Then, bought a betty crocker cake mix and called it a day.

You are a better wife then me!

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...what a super momma! Audrey grossed me out a little though ;) Glad you handled everything well and hopefully everything went off without a hitch :)

Mona said...

Oh my gosh! That was too funny. Did I ever tell you what Audrey did on the McDonald's playground, restaurant, and parking lot that day that you and Adrianne were staging your house for a viewing, prepping for your business opening and picking up dignitaries at the airport? (By the way,I heard from the birthday boy that the cake was delicious!)

Anonymous said...

I want to know what Mona's story is. Your phone call made Audrey's lunch sound way worse than you have written in your blog. I hope C was super thankful.

Jen said...

You have just become Super Human to me:) I am sure Caleb enjoyed every last bite and you enjoyed the look on his face! Well done Mom!

Katrina said...

You crack me up!! I love reading a day in the life of Tyne

Vashey Fam said...

Oh gross! Was she actually eating it?! You know, maybe you should just let mom make the german chocolate cake as her special gift to him.....I still can't make biscuits. Thankfully, I *can* make Jon's family's chocolate pies!

Katie W said...

Oh, Tyne! I love to hear about your adventures in parenting :) You are REALLY a super mom! AND wife, for that matter, pulling off a German chocolate cake after all that!

I couldn't believe that Where the Wild Things Are trailer, either, but it's getting some majorly good buzz. Do the kids like that book?

P.S.I saw the slightest hint of a preview for the Bachelorette-will Jillian restore our "faith" in reality show love?? :)

Happy Birthday to Caleb!

Angela said...

Groan!! Is this the sort of thing I have to look forward to??? Haha!! I'm glad your cake turned out well, at least.

Elaine A. said...

OH my gosh that story has me exhausted!! (and a little nauseated... ; )

That cake looks SOOOO good! Happy birthday to your man!

Caleb said...

Wow, you really do love me, and that was definetly in the top five best meals of my hairy little life.

Anonymous said...

EWW EWW EWWWW on the poop dip for nuggets! That made me gag a little but kids WILL do that sorta crap (no pun intended) and you keep it real telling about it.

My husband always got a homemade "Wacky Cake" with homemade frosting growing up from his doting grandma, so I can totally relate! Thank goodness I finally got the hang of making it b/c it's a littke tricky with how long you stir and how "cooled" the cake must be before certain steps, etc. My first few attempts were horrible!

The problem now is that he wants our children to have such "memories" on their birthday, so I get to make 4 (almost 5 b/c we're expecting our 4th in a few days) "Wacky Cakes" per year now! (I wonder if this is just his way of getting to eat more throughout the year!)

Love your's so cute! I'm a little OCD though and so I have to ask...shouldn't your header say "life with four who are four and under?" instead of "life with four under four" since your oldest IS 4? I know that's probably dumb to ask so I apologize...I blame my OCD like I said! :) I'll keep reading regardless but mine are gonna be "four 7 and under" and I'm kinda freaked out about how I'm gonna do it! I just got a sling...hope I get the hang of using it b/c people with lots of small kids swear they are a lifesaver!


The White House said...

Hey Angela, you are totally right about the header being incorrect, it should say, "four who are four and under." When I originally made the notecard portion of that header, I was pregnant with Reece and Avery was still three (remember the sono pic of quatro?).

I will try to find the notecard and fixer-up!