Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dirty Diaper Politics

Mama says, "if it smells like $h*t, change it."

We hold to this principle, moms and dads alike. We don't allow our children to wallow in their own dirty diapers, so we change them.

Yet our country is going down the proverbial toilet and all we SAHMs do is tweet about Little Joey's B.M. and how Susy is eating a ham sandwich.

Now I don't have a lot of time on my hands. But while I am procrastinating folding laundry, instead of searching for the latest fashion that I can't afford and can't get out of my pajamas long enough to justify buying, I could be a responsible American.

I was so outraged and inspired by this, that at 3AM while Reecey cried it out, my brain was spinning. "I want to start a new blog. I want a platform where I can have intellectual, grown- up thoughts about the world that I live in. I want to fight for my freedom of speech..."

I am asking you to take this seriously. If you enjoy blogging at all. If you enjoy tweeting at all. If you think it is your freedom to speak your opinion.

Because you may be shut down.

We may just sit by and watch it happen, while we are tweeting about handbags and blogging about the Bachelorette (*guilty*).

And he takes away our freedom of speech- slowly, gradually in a twisted, manipulative way.

So I am starting a blog called "Dirty Diaper Politics". And I am looking for moms and dads who want to contribute as co-authors. Scour the Internet to find some juicy piece of journalism. Show me a video that makes us think. Ask tough questions to get us thinking. Go back to your 7th grade Political Science Textbooks and see how your constitutional rights are in jeopardy. This blog is not about Republicans vs. Democrats or Left vs. Right, it is about FREEDOM vs. Totalitarianism.

You may only have an audience of 20. Or you may have corralled hundreds of comments, like one of my favorites did when she blogged about her opinions on health care reform. But you should be heard.

We need to get smart, Americans. Now, as excited as I am about the Fall line-ups on TV and the start of Aggie Football, we have got to get informed and take back our country.

Anyone wanna play?


Following HIM said...

OOO I want to play...pick me, pick me! You are so right about the dirty diapers and I would love to spill the beans too :)

Krystyn said...

Woa! That last part is deep...I'm a little scared!

Jeff said...

I want to change the S*!t in congress. I'm in.

Anonymous said...

nice! good job growing up a little.

Mrs. Montoya said...

I can't access the link to what you were watching and it's been making me crazy for DAYS! I am so intrigued - will you send it to me? AND congrats on Reece sleeping all night. My youngest didn't sleep through the night until around 2 and it was painful for a very, very long time. Yeah, Reece!!

tris said...

I love you TYner!!!

tris said...

I love you TYner!!!

tris said...

love you TYner!

gail ewing said...

You are awesome..I am in!