Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yesterday was a day filled with emotions. Joy, sorrow, thankfulness, grief, happiness, mourning- emotions that encouraged me to hold my babies a little longer last night before I laid them to bed. These emotions, so raw, motivated me to wander into their rooms in the early hours and stare at their still, slumbering bodies, giving thanks for every breath that they take. Not knowing how long I will be blessed to have them in my presence.

Two of my friends each welcomed healthy baby girls into the world yesterday. My cousin and dear friend, LeeAnn, joyfully welcomed Madeline. And my friend and sister in Christ, Amie, welcomed Mallory. There is nothing more overwhelming than holding a brand new baby in your arms after the excruciating pain of labor.

Nothing except, perhaps, losing a child suddenly.

Yesterday, after rejoicing with LeeAnn and Amie, I grieved and wept for my friends Heath and Becky, who lost their 10 month old son, Hunter, yesterday.

Becky and I grew in friendship as we were both pregnant in Vail together. She delivered her daughter, Abigail, the day before, and in the hospital room next to where I delivered McClaine. We had rich fellowship with Heath and Becky through Bible study at our house and Caleb and Heath have been in a three year texting/phone conversation over college ball.

My heart is broken for them.

Will you please lift this couple up in prayer? I just can't imagine the grief that they must be experiencing. Please take a minute to ask that God would surround them with His wonderful peace and presence and lift up their spirits.

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