Monday, December 21, 2009

Because Every Teacher Wants a Wooden Necklace For Christmas

Our Christmas budget is constrained. Please, take a moment and grab the Kleenex to dry your tears on our behalf. Surely, your budget is not.

After picking up Avery and McClaine on Tuesday and watching their teachers open gifts, from other children- the prized Target gift card, the package of multi-colored Sharpie pens, a bag of Starbucks coffee- panic stirs.

I rush home and google, "homemade teacher gifts." The budget begs for some wonderful and lovely, coveted teacher gift made by the precious hands of my darlings.

The first 40 blogs were on the topic of how much teachers hate homemade gifts. The apple mug, the wooden necklace with pencils and rulers and school houses, an angel ornament put together with seashells and a hot glue gun.

Has it been that long since I taught? Did I forget about dragging home a gift bag filled to the brim with music boxes and trinkets from the dollar store?

And yet the budget begs. So I gave in and doubled the recipe for homemade fudge, just in case they didn't accidentally send their gifts back home with the kids.


Shannon said...

I've never seen fudge cut out in shapes. That's so cool! Do you just use cookie cutters?
I used to teach too. Some of the memorable gifts were the ones from the dollar store or homemade. I think your fudge will be a hit for sure!

Vashey Fam said...

Great idea! I think they'll love it. You're such a classy lady!

Anonymous said...

ha! love this!

Mrs Montoya said...

The fudge looks terrific and I am sure it will be a hit. Teacher gifts are so hard. I had the kids write their teacher's a personal note this year and included it on a bookmark with an inspirational book. There's only so much disposable income for gifts and LOTS of teachers, and aides, and . . . I think your gift is absolutely perfect.

Katie W said...

Amazing, Tyne! I would LOVE to receive such a gift myself. In fact, the very best gift I received this year (and my bounty was PLENTIFUL, gift cards, jewelry, etc.) was a bag of freshly made snickerdoodles. They came on the plane with me to Texas. You are setting such a wonderful example for your kids :) I hope you have a wonderful, blessed holiday week with your family. I can't wait to see Christmas pictures!

Katrina said...

That is amazing. So cute! I totally forgot about gifts until I did drop off and saw all the other kids carrying wrapped packages. I made a bee line for starbucks and looked at the sale rack - they each got a tin of hot chocolate.

Krystyn said...

I would have loved some homemade fudge. I did homemade saltine toffee for the girls teacher. There is no way we could have done the gift cards this year!

Patois said...

I can't see any teacher not appreciating a gift such as that.