Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fistfuls of Flour

A reminder to myself, not to let the busyness of the Christmas season keep me from counting my blessings. Thanks to Andrea, for the gentle reminder!

...0076 Bleak December skies turned blue, and little ones bundled in jackets
...0077 McClaine singing midnight lullabies to a waking baby
...0078 Target gift cards sent with love (thanks Aunt Janice and Uncle Tommy)
...0079 Gingerbread cookie making with Oma and fistfuls of flour

...0080 Sweet potato stained faces

...0081 And the "helper" that created them

...0082 The cuteness of Avery in Caleb's flag football shirt from when he was a child
...0083 Understanding how to be truly satisfied
...0084 A loved one returns home (followed by a pack of stray dogs and Lord willing- not knocked up!)

...0085 Fellowship with friends over brunch
...0086 Early mornings with the Lord and the ripping away of self-reliance
...0087 Simplicity
...0088 God's blessings on Caleb's job
...0089 Tenants that pay their rent
...0090 Being caught up on laundry (for today)
...0091 Overdue haircuts

...0092 Not cutting the bangs too short
...0093 Grace allows gratitude on Mondays, and Wednesdays

holy experience

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