Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Outing

Generally, our Christmas Festivities consist of homebound fun and merrymaking. Homemade dough ornaments in our pajamas and pull-ups, redecorating the tree for the fifth time to the comforting sound of Bing singing Mele Kalikimaka, filling pillow cases with knick-knacks and pretending to be Santa.

We usually don't make it out- standing in lines at crowded malls to see Santa, is just not that appealing with four little ones.

But this year, we got out of our jammies, combed our hair and made an outing to the local library for an open house and maybe to catch a glimpse of the jolly ol' man. And what a treat it was!

The hour preceding our trip was pure chaos, trying to feed and dress four kids, while cleaning up big puddles of spilled orange juice and the kids acting like crazy elves on a sugar high.
The beautiful, historic library greeted us with lovely decorated landscaping, Caleb could see the cellist and violinist through a window. When we walked in, there were no lines, no pushing, no crying- just joyful people, sipping their hot apple cider as they perused the rooms that were each decorated with unique and extravagent holiday trim. A happy greeter ushered us to the room that hosted St. Nick. No lines. A table brimming with books- one for each little one that met Santa.

We tried a picture with Reece and Santa, just to keep with the "Baby's First Christmas" tradition. She wasn't so much a fan, although I don't know why- check out Santa- how great is he? He even tried to soothe Reece by bouncing her and singing.

So we opted for this picture instead-

When Santa asked what the kids wanted for Christmas, they were clueless. My heart beamed. I love that when asked why we celebrate Christmas, they would answer in a snap, "to celebrate Jesus' birthday." But when asked what they want Santa to bring them, they are without words. Finally, McClaine decided he wanted Santa to bring him an elephant. Audrey wanted a fish. And Avery still didn't know. Santa suggested that he might bring a family pass to the local zoo. What a witty Santa!

After the photo session, we went to a large room with a huge table covered with delicious snacks. Move over food-court, this family has a new Christmas Tradition. It was a treat for us to mingle with the sweet people there. They didn't even frown when Audrey stuck her entire hand in the bowl of Swedish Meatballs and McClaine dumped a cup of punch all over the floor. Friends from church, Caleb's childhood librarian, and his piano teacher. They were all thrilled to see him and again my heart beamed as he introduced his family.


Angela said...

Oh my goodness -- Reece's face in the picture with Santa is priceless!!!

Patois said...


Mrs Montoya said...

I still haven't commented on your last post because it left me breathless. You are such a treasure to the world, Tyne. Truly. I love Avery's tights! So glad you all had a fun night out with the guy in red!

Jenny said...

Wish our library did that... sounds like the perfect outing for a family with so many little tykes! Far better than the other better-known destinations!

Vashey Fam said...

Oh you made me laugh so hard! What fun! That sounds like the perfect Santa experience! Your kids telling Santa about Jesus! We should have gone...You saw Sylvia B- our piano teacher? Wow, does she know I named my fish after her?

Krystyn said...

What a funny picture with Reece. I think this is the first year Izzy hasn't cried.

And, how lucky you are that your kiddos would have said "Jesus' birthday!" Izzy says it's both Jesus' birthday and Christmas. I'll take that!

prashant said...

You are such a treasure to the world,

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OptimizeFuel said...

Wow what an amazing story! I was laughing and touched to hear this account of the merriment of Christmas adventures. Hope you guys have great fun the rest of the season.