Monday, December 28, 2009

Multitude Monday

I hope this weekend brought blessings to your family and a time of worship as we celebrated the birth of Jesus.

We were overwhelmed by the goodness and abundance that God provided- from food, to gifts to fellowship, and the Baby who came into the world to save the world- who was born in humility in a stable at night.


It was cold around these parts and I am still adjusting to having a real winter, after our time in the Rio Grande Valley where flowers bloom year round. And with the opportunity to wear sweaters and coats, I continue the count.


(...0094) Snow falling on Christmas Eve amongst the East Texas Pines & McClaine leans over the table and affectionately asks his great grandma, "Granny, did you make these delicious green beans?," a mom remembers to give thanks (...0095).


Reecey babbling loudly through the entire worship service yesterday- loud babble- interrupting the teaching kind of babble. And I rejoiced as I explained that she was just reminding us that God demonstrated His great love by wrapping Himself in human flesh, a babe- a babbling babe (...0096).


When the chill of December can't keep kids off their new bikes, I was thankful for wide open spaces, inside (...0097). And Oma and Opa's patience with the playground excitement in their foyer (...0098).


Large pots of spicy tortilla soup simmering in Christmas colors (...0099).


The blessing of family and loved ones, here and far away (...0100).


(...0101) Children expressing thanks- notes of gratitude to Santa and Happy Birthday songs to Jesus.


(...0102) Explaining to Avery that she can't sleep in her helmet.


If you haven't been by Ann Voskamp's blog, please go there. She rocks!

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Anti-Supermom said...

Tyne, it looks like your Christmas was filled with reminders of all the blessing you have.

Beautifully written, as always.

Mona said...

What a fun post--it has been a wonderful Christmas season.

Krystyn said...

Love the post! And, Merry Christmas to you!

The soup looks wonderful. Is it a family secret?

Elaine A. said...

Looks like you were truly blessed this holiday Tyne. I'm so glad to see it. Happy New Year to you and your beauties! : )

Mrs Montoya said...

Sigh - I so love it when you count and will drift to sleep thinking about your sweet baby asking Granny if she made the green beans. Priceless memories. Truly priceless. I am so glad you had a beautiful Christmas. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Patois said...

Looks as if it was wonderful!