Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brief Synopsis

There simply is no way to compose this into a eloquent, well-written post. No chance of tying up the dozens of loose ends into a lovely bow that captures their wit and milestones and cuteness and God's tremendous blessings.

So, here it is...

Reecey hit multiple milestones this week. Saying "momma" was such a hit with me, that she gave herself a round of applause and also made the milestone of clapping. Her petite stature gave Dr. O. motivation to prescribe a new diet that I am extremely envious of- BUTTER! We are to add butter, olive oil and fat to her diet in hopes of fattening the 13 and a half pound peanut.

Audrey is rambling. Big. Long. Sentences. The other day, she said, "oh no, momma, baby Reecey dropped her paci." 8 words. Not that I am counting. I am, however, counting fewer temper tantrums throughout the day as she discovers that she would much rather utter a monologue than sit in time-out. PRAISE GOD! Her constant question, "Whas dat mom?" is scarcely answered by me, as she finds her own answers more suitable, "dats Kitzel, dats kitty cat, mom?"

McClaine, 100% boy, continues to find sticks more appealing than anything manufactured. I could have saved the family a wad of cash if I had just bundled some twigs and put them under the tree. Maybe with one of these,
his second favorite thing to play with, he calls this a flying saucer. His sweet statements act like a defibrillator on my occasionally flat lined heart, as he says stuff like, "mom, I very love you so much," and "did you make this mom? This is very good dinner, mom."
Avery is beautiful. I love how her prayer life has really transformed as she has seen her prayers answered. She has prayed for the return of Latte, our chocolate lab, and He answered. She prayed that her great-grandpa would be restored to health and get sound sleep, and He answered. She has prayed that Reecey would sleep through the night, and He answered. She prays expectantly now, with great faith and unprompted by me or Caleb. She prays for her cousin, John, who has cancer. She prays for our friend, Mark, that he would be safe in Afghanistan and come home safely. And she prays for the Cole family (the father Layne is now on hospice care), that they would have peace, and not be so cold (she thinks their family name is cold, or that they are cold, she is a little confused- but God knows her heart).

She also still says the funniest things. She was pouting the other day after a minor sibling dispute, and when I asked her if she was pouting she replied, "I absolutely have a tear in my eye." Where does she get it?

My own confirmation of God's love may not be manifested in comments on my blog, as my posts have greatly lacked, but through outpouring of God's goodness through people here in my real life...

A comment from a friend's husband, "You know, Tyne, my wife gets a kick out of reading your blog," reminds me that there are people out there that read besides my mom and Oma.

A date to the ballet with Avery, she sat on the edge of her seat, much like I did when I was a girl (but I never had these sweet camouflage binoculars).


A visit to my friend, Adrianne's house, brought gifts for my kids, a playroom full of toys, and a mini-retreat for me and Caleb.


An awesome visit to Aggieland to see Beth and Ryan and sweet Sage brought a break from the cold weather, picnics and giggles with cousins.


Caleb has a guys-only, rafting trip in the future and a few weeks ago, spent the weekend in Dallas for a Cowboy game. My sweet husband sensed my insane jealousy of his weekend getaways... and my love hooked me up!

He and Ryan surprised me and Beth with an accordion binder full of fun. Clues and gift cards to relax the afternoon away. It was a welcome treat away from the lunch meat, kid and Cowboy watching that they endured. Thanks Caleb, I love you, mucho!


Lunch at Blue Baker.

A matinee movie (we saw It's Complicated, it was hilarious).


Coffee at Starbucks.

Browsing Target and Half-Priced Books with no whining kids in tow.

It was dreamy.

And recharged me for the six hour car trip home!


Loukia said...

What beautiful pictures and a lovely re-cap... your family is just so darling, you know? Happy New Year to you all!!!

P.S. I wish I could go on a butter-oil-fat diet!!! :)

Anna said...

Hey Tyne! Just wanted you to know that I check your blog frequently during Claire's nap times. You approach parenting four with such a good sense of humor it encourages me to have a better attitude about parenting one!

The Griffin Family said...

Tyne, you make me smile! I have missed you lately! Let's make good on grabbing that coffee with the chickas! I am sooo ready! :)Kat

SavannahsSmiles said...

I love and miss you dearly, Tyne! I love reading your blog-you inspire me. Praying for your sweet family!
Christina Burrell

Elaine A. said...

Ah, sweet little Reecy and her butter diet - so jealous. Your kids are just so beautiful and sweet Tyne. As are you! Glad you got some good girl time too! : )

Patois said...

Aw, I love reading your posts.

Vashey Fam said...

Way too many things to comment on! Go Reecey! She'll definitely outweigh Zane in no time with a diet like that! Oh, your retreat looked so fun and relaxing. You know, if the guys keep leaving us behind to go on these huge, expensive trips, pretty soon it's got to add up to something really nice for us. Europe anyone?

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

No way to wrap it in a pretty bow? I think you just did.

Carol said...

FYI your kids got even cuter in my absence!

Krystyn said...

Love the cute pictures and family updates. We did the oil and butter diet, too. I think she caught up around 18 months!

What a nice hubby to let you go out.

PS Come de-lurk today, I'm donating $1 for every person who comments to relief for Haiti.