Friday, January 15, 2010

On Needing Validation

It has been a doosie of a morning.
The soggy Rice Krispies strewn about.
The five baskets of folded laundry begging to be put away...
and then discovered by a little 10 month old explorer.
The five baskets of laundry all over the floor, begging to be folded again and then put away.
Sharpie tattoos covering the eldest child's legs and arms.
A determined toddler wanting to go "poo-poo in the potty" instead drags a "poo-poo in the diaper" all over the bathroom floor.
Two hours straight of alternating whining, crying, screaming darlings and dogs whining .
And though I love that my kids have a new fondness for Shirley Temple and The Three Stooges,
I find myself losing patience when they parade around in tap shoes singing at the top of their lungs and engaging in slapstick comedy that leads to more whining, crying and screaming.
Lunch is served and just as I sit down to feed the one who can't quite feed herself, plates are empty and sippy cups need refills and nap time is long overdue.
And as the last bite is swallowed the whining, crying and screaming resumes.
To nurse the babe who is constantly distracted by the Shirley and Curly impersonations is quite a feat- but must be done before any of them can take a nap.
And when all is quiet, I weep.
Because this is sooooo stinkin' hard. And I am tired. And I need to know that what I am doing matters. For as challenging and consuming as it is, I need validation.
Then my beloved comes in from clearing brush and makes me a bowl of homemade guacamole and I consume it. Because it is delicious, and because he made it for me. Really, my gratitude for that gesture is immeasurable.
And he reminds me that this is my purpose, and it is GREAT! That what seems mundane is heavy with eternal significance. He holds me close and reminds me that no one else could raise four kids and love her husband, under her in-law's roof, with the grace that I do. And I am thankful that it is through Christ that I can do all these things.
Then I whip up a plate of super cheesy nachos and start folding clothes, and I feel validated. And I convince myself that super cheesy nachos are also eternally significant.


Trooper Thorn said...

Think how much more the apostels could have accomplished if they had access to super cheesy natchos.

Tegan said...

You are precious and I admire all that you do. I hope I can be 1/2 as good of a mother as you are to your sweet children. You are a delight to know and I only wish we lived closer so we could eat guacamole together:) 3 weeks until Cullen makes his debut! Much love Tyne Tyne the Valentine!!!!!

Tyne said...

Thanks Trooper Thorn. And all my love to you, sweet Tegan. When I read, "Tyne Tyne the Valentine," I was filled with pure joy and lovely memories. Love to you and your new one on the way!

Courtney said...

Oh, how I have lived those days!!! What a blessing I received while reading your post! Thanks for sharing.

Summer said...

Oh girl, I can SO relate. I was just telling Jimmy how I needed validation...that what I'm doing every day DOES matter. Because sometimes, dishes, laundry, cleaning, and wiping noses and butts doesn't seem to be very important!

Carol said...

Tyne I think you do a super job! Personally I think you're superwoman.

Patois said...

Amen! Power to the nachos!

Mrs Montoya said...

Ssuper cheesy nachos are truly divine and we all need validation. I admire you so much for finding it in the simple things. Those people need you so much and you are doing a beautiful job. I carry you in my heart, Tyne. You are in inspiration.

McKay said...

Yes! Validation for housewife things! Still love your blog and am caught up once again! Whew! ...and read the cornbag post again via your link just because it's so freakin' hilarious!

cheryl said...

I HEAR YA LOUD and CLEAR! Praise God for sweet husbands who appreciate firsthand what we do at home. Here is a quote from a book I am reading, "My children didn't need me to be on top of all my chores or even to be perfect in taking care of all their needs. What they needed was for me to be content and patient in life. They needed me to walk by faith that God was in control, allowing his Spirit to give me peace and joy in the midst of life's inevitable ups and downs."
I found this encouraging! Hope you do too!

Katie W said...

I love your posts, so much Tyne. So often I feel powerfully convicted by them, even though I haven't yet been able to achieve that state of motherhood that I so desperately hope for. You are a wonderful example of grace.

I really hope that we might be able to arrange a way to meet up when I'm in DFW next, which will probably be in a few weeks. I would love that!

Loukia said...

Days like that, I have often. And I only have two children! That whole laundry thing? Has happened to me many times. Breaking up fights between my two boys, messes made on purpose, the non-stop work, 24 hours a day... yes, it can be totally overwhelming someetimes, you know? You're a great mom, and I'm sure you hold it together perfectly well. How great that your husband did a nice gesture like that for you! You're awesome, never doubt yourself!