Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap~What the Super Bowl and Latte the Dog Have in Common

We served up some tasty treats for Super Bowl this year.  I am pretty sure that play-do is non-toxic, and the spaghetti noodles are entirely edible.January '101

A visit from my cousin Brittny and her husband, Brandt, brought walks in the woods, followed by birthday pedicures.  My birthday is coming up this week and my uncle hooked us up with some cash for a girls’ afternoon out!January '10

We cooked up Patsy’s Blackberry Cobbler from PW’s cookbook.  I’m not such a fan.  It could be because we didn’t use the self-rising flour that the recipe called for, or it could be because these four were largely responsible for the baking!

January '102

I knew I was in trouble regarding Latte, the chocolate lab pup that my dad gave McClaine, when a telephone conversation between Avery and my dad quickly went south.

I couldn’t hear my dad on the other line, but I can imagine that his love for the dog he parted with shortly before Reecey was born was igniting some emotion in my dad as Avery explained Latte’s recent precarious situation…

“Latte is good.  She was gone.  She ran off for a couple days and we couldn’t find her anywhere.  Then she came back!  And she had this pack of wild dogs with her.”

Silence from Avery…

“Hold on, here’s my mom.”

“Have you had Latte fixed?”  He asked me without his usual warm greeting.

“No sir.”

“Well, she’s probably gonna have pups.  Did you want her to have pups?  Why didn’t you get her fixed?  Were you planning on breeding her?  You don’t have time to breed her.  She is probably going to have pups.”

Fueling Controversy

What the heck was the uproar with the Tim Tebow Ad?  Why was it such a controversy?  I loved it- it was cute, and uplifting and BY GOSH, at least I didn’t have to grab the remote and quickly change the channel to protect my children and grandparents’ eyes from beer guzzling bikini babes or “M rated” video games about H-E-double hockey sticks.

Latte the Dog and Tim Tebow and his mommy

Bringing forth LIFE

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Vashey Fam said...

I really liked the commercial! It seemed so UNcontroversial after all the hype. Did you see the planned parenthood one? It was terrible...when my kids are teenagers I will NOT trust them to take care of themselves. In fact, I will be in all their business!!I can't wait to hold a puppy!

Page said...

What a hilarious post...and an adorable dog!!! I bet you are a fun mom. So that name Latte. I have a Chai! :)

Elaine A. said...

I think the commercial was perfect and so are those sweet puppies. Love that photo!!!

Krystyn said...

HAHA...look at all of your new puppies!

I didn't watch the bowl, so I'm not sure about the commercial.

And, yes, your chefs might have something to do with the way it came out.

Mrs Montoya said...

I didn't see the commercial, but gosh have I heard a ton about it. I think people need to focus on other things and we didn't watch the Super Bowl for the very reason you mention. Too much adult content does not bode well for curious little eyes. We just skipped it. Good luck with the doggies (ay ya ya!!!)

thecarterfamily said...

Tyne, you are so hilarious. I miss you friend.