Monday, March 22, 2010


Caleb has a new nemesis.  She may seem innocent with her rancher-girl attitude, delectable recipes and “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” sense of humor.  But my new obsession with Pioneer Woman has been entirely too time consuming, and my sweet husband is not reaping any of the benefits.  If I only spent half the time perusing her kitchen goodness and putting that into practice in our kitchen, he may think otherwise, but as of late I have been pouring over her photography blog.  Her Photoshop tutorials have me in a stitch with the hints of humor thrown into the the picture rich and easy as pie directions.

So I have wholly abandoned the kitchen and laundry and toilet cleaning and SLEEP for just a moment or two editing photos.  And I have been pleased, although it sure is a learning experience.

March '10 071

Here is my sweet nephew, Wyatt, at his third birthday party.  See how the SOOC is all grey and bland?  See all the background noise?  With a little help from PW’s tutorial, this turned into a super cute cousin shot.

March '10 051 Here’s Leigh and Jon and Wyatt and another little birthday friend.

And here is a new and improved version.


















March '10 065

Look at this precious cake that Leigh made.  It almost makes me want to me want to spend some time in the kitchen and less on Photoshop.  Almost.


Jenny said...

You've made me want to start checking out PW's photo tutorials. I need some help! I've got a nice camera, but don't know what to do with it. Your pics look great!

I just recently started using Windows Live Writer, b/c of your recommendation. Way easier! Now how do you make those cute collages that you so often have?

Krystyn said...

Look at that cake. Love it.

And, I haven't read Tractor Wheels yet because I know I'll get drawn in.

Vashey Fam said...

Thanks for this post Tyne! You are doing amazing things with your photos! there one that will make me look skinnier? :o)

Jon V. said...

glad you've found some Photoshop inspiration, I did notice these photos were enhanced a bit, looks really good Tyne! Toilets can wait.