Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Faith According to Larry, Curly and Moe

Sweet, heartfelt prayers out of the mouth of Audrey is about one of the cutest and loveliest things a mama (or in this case, daddy) has ever heard.

The other night when Caleb was praying with the kids, Audrey really got into it, praying for Pa-two (my dad who is having some health issues), thanking the Lord that her mommy’s eye is better, praying for McClaine’s poison ivy and on and on. And then she ended the prayer with “bee eye bicky bye bo boo.”

Proper theology straight from the mouths of some of her favorites.

McClaine is also showing that the gospel message may even be necessary for Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua. When I was putting him to bed last night he expressed his love for me, for his daddy and sisters and Oma and Opa and Pa-two and Nana. And then he said, “who else loves me the most?”

As a mom who desires for my children to know the great love of God that was demonstrated through Jesus’ death on the cross, I reply appropriately, “God loves you the most. And do you know why?”

He answered right on key, “because He sent Jesus and he died on the cross.”

“That’s right McClaine! And do you know why He died on the cross?”

And this is the end of the attention span of my three year old.

“Mom, on the Backyardigans… and they went to Mars. And those clowns were shooted out of canons. Ha Ha Ha, that was sooooo funny.”

We’ll work toward spiritual maturity.

Avery, on the other hand showed great maturity when she took some time out of the day to pray for me.

Life gets a little crazy around here and I need prayer. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I have a hard time praying for myself, trying to manage this:

Reece trying to climb on every piece of furniture and attempting to walk, Avery and McClaine learning the fine art of negotiating, conflict resolution and playing nice, Audrey getting a little ahead of herself and thinking she can do all that her big brother and sister can do… not to mention a mess load of dirty diapers, sippy cup explosions, burned fish sticks, laundry galore and dishes abundant. I find myself struggling to operate in the Spirit. Short-fused. Tired. Impatient. Frustrated.

And after I cut short Avery’s craft project because I am about to lose it, I look into her discouraged eyes and ask her to pray for me. That I would have more patience. That God would give me strength and kindness and love. That I wouldn’t get upset because McClaine spilled chocolate milk on the floor and then used a towel to splash paint the rest of the kitchen.

She did. She just stopped what she was doing and put her hand on me and prayed right there. “Lord, I pray that you would give my mom patience and help her to love you and be a good mommy.”

It changed my day.

Bee eye bicky bye bee eye bo bicky bye bo boo, bee bicky bye bo boo.


Margarita said...

Wow, this is such a great entry!

McKay said...

That is so incredibly sweet!

Anna said...

I think Avery's prayer is one of the most precious things I've heard! Definitely one of those little moments you will be so glad you wrote down in a few years!

Patois said...

Aw. I'd better start requesting such prayers myself.

Vashey Fam said...

Avery loves her mama. You're such a good mom Tyne! I think I probably would have lost it back with the burnt fish sticks.

Rebecca said...

I love this post! So sweet! It's good to see what day to day mommyhood looks like and how you are already giving your kids spiritual truths and sharing with them your walk with the Lord. What a great example for me!

Tyne said...

Dear Kanishk,
I am sorry that I deleted your comment if you are a real person, but it seemed suspicious with no profile and no reply for email. So if you are a real person, that happened to leave 6 comments, don't take the deletion personally :)