Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She’s Chowin’ Down On The Cat Chow

April 2010 079

Life is in FULL BLOOM around here.

April 2010 080


If you could just breathe them in.

But not this little boy.  Boys are so stinky when they play outside.

April 2010 081 

So, what we do around these parts is play all day in our pajamas. April 2010 082


Pajamas and boots.  Because we live in the sticks and WE CAN.April 2010 088

Speaking of living in the sticks, McClaine has gotten pretty comfortable with peeing in the backyard on trees and such.

No biggie, ‘cause we live in the sticks.

Until I go to pick the kids up at Mother’s Day Out and his teacher sheepishly informs me that he peed on the playground.


He’s got a long way until he fits into the the big boots of his daddy and learns when to properly pee in the sticks.April 2010 093


~~Here are a couple of mommy things that I wanted to share~~

First of all, the kids are doing well taking on a little bit of responsibility around here.  We let them feed the cat and dogs every night, and tonight I made the great discovery of why they fight over who gets to feed the cat.  It’s not that kitty kitty is particularly amicable- the one-eyed Kitzel can be down-right mean. 

It’s just that the cat food taste better than the dog food.  When I walked around the corner tonight to check on Audrey feeding the cat, I found her chowin’ down on the cat chow. 


When she later had a melt-down because I wouldn’t let her feast on the fancy feast, she sat on the porch and pouted while I brought the other kids inside.  Then she really lost it, “Mommy!  Don’t leave me!  Pwwwweaze don’t leave me out here.”

I would never. 

My heart breaks a little anytime I hear a mom desperately trying to get her child to come, “Do you want me to leave you here?  I will.  I’m leaving.  Bye-bye.”

And a sweet reminder of the Lord’s mercy floods over my mommy heart.

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."
Deuteronomy 31:8 (italics mine)

What a blessing as a mother to be able to slightly emulate that great, protective love that God shows to His people who are in and out of temper tantrums all the time!

So when my darlings refuse to come when I call them, and they do, I sweetly remind them that I will never leave them, but it is time to go. 
So they can come with me, or I can take them. 
But I will never leave them, even if their screaming is laced with cat food breath.


Patois said...

"...even if their screaming is laced with cat food breath." Even if!

McKay said...

Oh wow! Tyne, I love your family!

Katie W said...

Awww, Audrey! :) Love you and your family, Tyne! You are the best mom!!

Page said...

You make me laugh so much! I love your family too - and what a joy to live in the sticks! Thanks so much for sharing your life once again in such a charming and convicting way. :)

Vashey Fam said...

So funny! ....and so gross at the same time! You know, I never liked that when mom's tell their kids they're going to leave them. I don't do that either, although I have been tempted too. I like the God point....