Monday, November 8, 2010


Chicago 016Before I was born, mom had a group of friends that met for book club.  Book club turned into Lamaze classes when they got pregnant with us kids.  And now they still meet for book club monthly and once a year they take their daughters to a fun city for book club.  This year, the windy city greeted us with great fellowship, food, shopping and a plethora of sightseeing.  Mom found a great place for us to stay right on Lake Shore Drive and the views were amazing.  I would highly recommend looking at Vacation Rentals By Owner the next time you are heading out of town and want a place that accommodates a group of any size and has special amenities that may not be found in a hotel.  Plus, which was the case for us,  you can usually get a steal.

Chicago 001The first night, we bundled up and headed to Rose Bud on Rush Street.  Oh. My. Italian.  Delicious food- huge portions!

Chicago 004 It was frigid the next day- 32 degrees and wind blowing like mad.  But we would not be deterred from the shopping of Chicago.

Chicago 007

Chicago 006

Chicago 008

This is what I learned from shopping in Chicago- as long as you have skinny jeans and boots, you are set.  Go into your closet and find three tops that clash and layer them.  Now throw on some crazy accessories and you are in style. I am in luck.  I have so many clashing items in my closet. See exhibits A, B, & C from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.

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Speaking of Anthropologie, can we take just a moment to look at this awesome art they had on their wall hanging between the balcony of the second floor and above their registers?  It was so cool and made from cardboard boxes that were painted and rolled and beautifully arranged.  So cool.Chicago 013Here’s a close-up.Chicago 015The other thing that I learned about fashion is that, being a mother of four, and within weeks of paying all of our debt off- I can’t afford to shop at Anthropologie.  But I do covet their clothing so.  Good thing my mom and I were both able to find goods at Forever 21.  After hitting up the three story H&M on Michigan Ave., we hit the brisk street and ventured to Andersonville.  Look at the flags on the Tribune Tower to get an idea of the wind we were up against.Chicago 009 

Andersonville was a cute little neighborhood that used to be primarily Swedish (I think), and is now full of funky boutiques and the streets are lined with gorgeous autumn foliage.Chicago 010

 Chicago 012 

We made it a habit to have Hors D’oeuvres and wine before we went out for a LATE dinner.  I am so used to eating when the kids eat- which is around 5:30, so waiting until nine is wild to me.  But you have to cram in a full day of shopping and sightseeing, so food must wait!  Here are some group shots of the moms and daughters that were along for the fun.

Chicago 017


Chicago 020





Chicago 023


Chicago 021








Chicago 024

We had dinner the second night in Greek town at the Parthenon (I forgot my camera).  I am wholly convinced that my mom and I had the best meal, but I am sure they were all amazing.

The next morning we went to the Museum of Science and Industry.  It is awesome.  I won’t bore you with all of my photos that I took for the kids of airplanes and tornado simulations and baby chicks, but let me say- if you go to Chicago, you can’t miss it.Chicago 042 After the museum we went to the Ritz for high tea.  This was so fun, and I must say, I felt VERY spoiled.  Our sweet waitress was so stressed the whole time because she was “in the weeds.”  And I know this because I am used to being in her shoes- from the time I was a young lady as a waitress in my dad’s restaurants, all the way through college as a cocktail waitress, and now as a short-order cook and waitress for four kids- I am USED to being in the weeds and serving others.  So it was really special to be served finger sandwiches and homemade crumpets with lemon curd and fancy tea.  I was sure to keep my pinky up, and not my nose up in the air!

Chicago 043

Chicago 050

Chicago 053

Chicago 045

Chicago 048

Chicago 049

After tea we did a little more window shopping and then we went to The Red Bar Comedy Club.  This was truly a test.  Imagine going to a comedy club with your mommy… and you being pretty conservative are only HALF as conservative as your mommy?  The first comedian was totally raunchy.  I was so disappointed, so instead of standing up and leaving, I leaned over to my mom and whispered in her ear that this would be a really great time to pray for this young man, who was clearly very messed up and in need of some fulfillment in his life.  I also took the time to pray that the next two comedians would be a lot more suitable for this audience.  And they were- they were really funny and didn’t make your ears bleed with their cussing.Chicago 055

Then we had another late night dinner of Chicago Pizza at Pizza Due.  Delish.

May I say how very thankful I was that we turned the clocks back Sunday morning since I had to get up at 6 am the next morning to fly home?

It was such a great weekend with such dear friends and a WONDERFUL mommy.  Thanks for treating me mom!  I had a fantastic time!

And let me not minimize the overwhelming greeting that I received when I walked in the door to our home.  It was so great- being wrestled to the ground and smothered with kisses from four bathed and happy children for ten minutes… and having an incredible husband who is so glad to see me and really conquered the weekend like a champ.  I am so blessed.


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Looks like fun! I like the flower in your hair.


Vashey Fam said...

Oh *sigh* Rosebud's....Anthropologie...being served high tea....Tyne! How fabulous!!! I do miss Chicago, dear Chicago. You and your mom look so pretty and fashionable. Did the bird in your flower scare her away? :o) Glad you're home!

Laural Out Loud said...

What a fantastic vacation! How cool it is that your mom has been a part of this group for so long and you get to do a trip like this every year. Makes me want to do something similar for my daughter.