Monday, February 21, 2011

Sprouting and Spring Chickens

Sprouts- These are signs.  Praise Jesus that things are thawing out around here.  And there are even some things blooming in the backyard.  I am glad that these daffodils got planted in the backyard so we have a sign of when Mrs. Lee’s Daffodil farm may be ready for a visit by four slightly obnoxious children and a mom dying to capture a photo with all children beaming and focused on the camera.

Mr. Rooster’s frostbite thingy on his head is healing up quite well.  Did I ever tell you that I have quite a dislike for birds?  When I was a child I was petrified of them, but now that I am a mommy, my kids would never even know that I didn’t love the things with their beady eyes of death.  Really, I am so thankful that these precious feathered things are gracing us with many yard eggs a day.  Because omelets are wonderful (not that I am whipping those up every morning, but a girl can dream).

I just celebrated my 34th birthday- woooohoooo!  I really feel so much better than I did a few years ago when I was either full-time nursing, or pregnant, or sleep deprived or all of the above for 5 years straight.  A full-nights sleep and only having one child in diapers will really help a lady’s composure.  That along with depriving myself of refined sugar has made a huge difference in how I feel.  In case you missed that sentence, I am on a doctor-prescribed diet that puts a NIX on refined sugar, corn syrup, peppermint mocha creamer, etc.

I told Caleb that I really wanted a picture of me with my kids for my birthday, this is the closest we got to that goal- me, my children, one of my nephews and my nieces- all of us with our eyes closed.

I am ever grateful that he decided to replace the stereo in my car that broke two years ago!  It is awesome and plays CDs, plus I can hook my iPhone up to it and play music from that.  Happy Birthday to me!  Now if I can just wean myself from my addiction to talk radio, I’ll be good to go.

Our greens have been going strong all winter long, and now that the daffodils are in bloom, I can finally venture outside to pick them, instead of sending someone braver and tougher than me.

We spent the whole day outside today and it was such a blessing.  It seriously made me consider going “unplugged” this summer?  Anyone else want to play?


Jen said...

I love the pic with the spider....though it made my skin crawl! I went unplugged over email, no texting, no computer...nothing! It was so great!!

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday and yay for a new radio! I can't imagine the car without it (wait, I can, when it needed a special code for a week and I couldn't use it).

The sun picture...funny, only because I've totally been there.

Vashey Fam said...

I'm sorry I wasn't a better photographer.....I think the massive task was beyond me at the moment!

Genny said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! What gorgeous photos (although the spider one gave me the willies!).


Loukia said...

Oh, what great pictures! I'm so excited for spring, so ready for the snow to melt! This has been such a hard winter!