Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monkey Britches

February 2011 015 Heaven forbid someone misunderstand me, but I have called this little lady “monkey britches” from the time she was an infant.  She has certainly grown into that nickname, joyful, boisterous and stubborn as can be, a monkey birthday cake for her second birthday is absolutely appropriate (thanks Oma, for making a homemade cake, walmart would have thought me crazy to request a monkey cake).

February 2011 012February 2011 024 

It’s tough having kids so close together, in many ways.  At Reece’s party, Audrey was DEVASTATED that she didn’t have her own presents to open, she just didn’t get it.  And I am a rare mom these days not to have favors for all the kids that attended her party (which happened to be her siblings and two cousins).  So my sweet Avery, the oldest and so very considerate, took it upon herself to find a partially chewed on blow horn and wrap it for her younger sister.  Which completely solved the situation.February 2011 027 We also recently celebrated the birthday for my very handsome nephew, Wyatt.  Here’s his momma, Leigh-

February 2011 025

She made this very cool dirt cake that was composed of pudding and cream cheese and cool whip and crushed oreos and gummi worms and all things that make my body hurt but are nearly impossible to pass up!February 2011 028

February 2011 030

February 2011 035

They had the birthday party at a beautiful nature reserve in East Texas.  It was a glorious spring day.  AND, someone got a new bicycle for his birthday!!!February 2011 038 We managed to get a little fishing in while we were there.

February 2011 040 Some of us did… poor McClaine is super sick, and spent most of the day sleeping- in the jog stroller or on a blanket.  He really was acting pretty good this morning, but by the time we made the drive out there his eyes were watering, his nose was running and he was on the verge of tears.

February 2011 042

Aves managed to catch a couple fish.February 2011 050

It has been a great weekend so far, the weather is lovely and mild, and there’s a chance of a girls’ night on the forecast!


LeeAnn said...

Ahhh, what a fun cake! Go Aunt Mona :) And please give sweet Reece a late happy birthday hug from the Grissoms. Thanks for the post, wish I could have been there for the celebrations!

Elaine A. said...

Love your last sentence! Great to see you all having a good time. Happy Birthday to your little one - can't believe how big she is already! Gosh!