Friday, June 4, 2010

Lounging Around


We will be doing a lot of lounging around this weekend. lounging 015-1And enjoying the great outdoors.

lounging 003-1

Harvesting vegetables in on the list too.lounging 011We will also be running by Alley Fest in Longview to support my sister and her gorgeous handmade flowers.

Hope you find some time to lounge around as well!


Patois said...

Oh, my, but I adore that first photo.

jOni lAnE said...

sounds like a busy weekend! love your sisters flowers! does she sell them on etsy? AND, so jealous over your garden! my zucchini starts are just starting to pop through and my tomato plants are still babies! Happy harvesting!

Tyne said...

Hey Joni, thanks for coming by- Leigh's etsy address is
She doesn't have anything in there now b/c she didn't want to double sell her stuff that she had at Alley Fest, but she should have stuff in there soon. Her flowers and softies are gorgeous.

Vashey Fam said...

Thanks for the plug Tyne! I'll have my new stuff up probably tomorrow. Taking pics today, photo shopping tonight and posting tomorrow (Tuesday night). Somewhere in there I need to have a romantic date with my super awesome husband!