Monday, June 14, 2010

Mud Day

The rain came down last week, and so we found it fitting to take advantage of the new beach property that we had for an afternoon.  During naptime for the littles, I lounged under my umbrella while Avery and McClaine made sandcastles.

Even the dogs found the water to be refreshing.

Aves and McClaine raced and splashed for hours.

McClaine sported a perma-wedgie. 
That’s what happens when your pajamas double as a swim suit.

Even the stink bug took some time to lounge on a lily pad, courtesy of McClaine.When I explained to the kids that if it started to thunder and lightning, we would need to go in, Avery stopped in her tracks and prayed,
“Lord, please don’t make it lightling, so we can enjoy our mud day all day.”

And God answered her prayer and we played all day.
This is the kind of beach day you remember your whole life!

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Life in Rehab said...

That's about the sweetest little sprinkling of childhood I've seen in ages.