Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Renegade- In Pictures

There are a few of you who read this blog!  Just when I had about given up on those rare, “to be continued” posts, I got a comment, and then another, asking to post some pictures from the Renegade Festival that I went to with my Mona and Leigh a month ago.  There were some gorgeous treasures and some great inspirational pieces that I thought I would share.  Unfortunately, since a month has passed and I didn’t write down which artist created which piece, I can’t link the pictures to the artist.  But maybe you will find some inspiration…

There were quite a few artists that had dressed up children’s clothes with cute appliqué.may 20104These reconstructed men’s shirts are given a great feminine flare with the sleeves made into flowers.

The Wonder Craft, a creativity lab in an Airstream, had a booth set up that taught you how to “Trick out some timber.”  This is a great craft using simple transfer technique and decoupage, that would be really fun for kids 3 and up.  The directions can be found HERE.may 20105 This pin cushion in a tea cup makes me want to start sewing more often.  Or maybe it makes me want to sit down, relax and have a spot of tea.
Just in case your children get as frustrated as mine trying to cram crayons into a box that has a bottom that is torn and doesn’t work anyway, you may need one of these from Baby Bolt.may 20106 There were lovely and ornate hair accessories.  Clips, bands, bows.  Bright, ornate, brilliant.

may 20107

These purses and handbags were some of my favorites- Reconstructed from recycled men’s suits and draperies.  Note to self- don’t throw anything away and learn how to use a sewing machine.may 20108 Leigh and Mona and I got a kick out of the journals that this artist had made from a slue of old hardcover books. 

He had taken apart the books, filled them with paper and some of the original pages randomly scattered throughout the book and then bound them.  Some of them had old library cards and people’s notes in them.may 20103 These little journals were fun too.  This artist had taken old postage envelopes to make covers and filled them with penmanship paper.  These were bound by hand using needle and thread.may 201010 There were a bunch of cool knick-knacks and owls were a common theme.  And how very cute is this little diorama made in a make-up compact?  It has a couple lounging and watching little deer figurines and the teeny banner says, “hello deer…”

may 20109

I will definitely be putting one of these fab mixed-fabric dresses on my wish list!


Mona said...

It was so much fun--we'll have to go again next year!

Vashey Fam said...

Such a cool, cool place! I want to go next yr! Hey, I want to have a booth in it next yr!!

Vashey Fam said...

You can see more pis on Flikr


Tyne where are the photo booth pics?

McKay said...

Yay! Inspiring! Thank you!

Tyne said...

Leigh- I have them in my purse. Let me scan them and I will give them back to you.

McKay- you would have loved it... maybe you can come with us next year!

The Griffin Family said...

Can I invite myself next year??? Pretty please?????? :) Your pics were definitely inspiring! I am wracking my brain with ideas of transformations for Tripp's old shirts! LOVE YOU!!! :)